cyanide and happiness comic about resolutions

I don’t own or make this comic. But boy, do I love it! :D

So yeah, I don’t really know what to say. I’m just writing this because I wanted to write something new year-y. Being the unoriginal guy that I am, I thought I will just write about new year resolutions. Easy peasy.

So, last night as the world suddenly erupted in cheer as the new year was ushered in by bombarding everybody’s feed with new year messages in the form of images, status updates and especially bitstrip comics (Ugh. How I hate them!), we forgot for a few moments about the thing that everyone has been talking about – New year resolutions!

But not for long, soon I started seeing posts making fun of those people who make resolutions and don’t stick to them. I even liked a few of them. Then things started to get serious as the party-poopers came to the scene and started questioning the very idea of celebrating the beginning of a new year.

According to them, it is just another day in your life and that very little changes because of it. Now that I have put these people in such a bad light, you might be inclined to think that this post will be a rant against them. Well, it isn’t.

I like such people. I like when they want to point out the cold hard facts of life so that people start accepting and living with them. I am a realist too. But there is one thing I don’t like about their observations. Why don’t they look more closely?

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different? – C.S. Lewis

This quote (first read in Calvin & Hobbes) is one of my favorite quotes and for good reason. There is something that they should learn from this quote, that everyday, you are changing. In major ways. Just that you don’t realize it. That is the fact of life. Every little interaction, every small decision, every minor thing that you say changes you a little and all of them together become quite substantial.

Since every small thing affects you, making resolutions (even though you may not stick to them) also has a great impact on you. You may make plan something this year, think about it next year, promise yourself to do it next year, and finally follow-up on it the year after, but it will stay at the back of your mind and influence your decisions in some small and imperceptible way.

Everyday is life-changing and this is not some Robin Sharma mumbo jumbo, it is a fact (the emphasis makes it even more so). You make resolutions everyday, so what’s stopping you from making them on New Year’s day? These cynics masquerading as realists? Pfft! Shut up and make some resolutions (and stick to them, please).

P.S. : So yeah, it was indeed a rant about them. Teehee! (a nice expression I have picked from amarllyis)


  1. TeeHee is actually a vlogger NigaHiga’s closing title. Or maybe that’s how I came across that word.

    Tell me, why do you really hate bitstrips?

    I agree, life is ever changing. But some days just suck. :P and maybe it’s important that they do.


    1. Yeah, I know NigaHiga. But I didn’t really notice it so much. But after amarllyis started using it, I found it to be very.. I don’t even have a word for it! Teehee!

      I really hate it because nobody makes them about me! sniff

      I. was. kidding.

      I hate it because of those god-awful avatars with kludgy limbs with huge faces and grotesque bodies! Ugh..

      And they’re everywhere! I blocked the app, but now people have started uploading photos. Also, TMI. Seriously, please keep inside jokes to yourself. Also, my sister has started uploading her own bitstrip comics and she’s soon to be 21! Facepalm!

      I don’t know of a polite way to tell her that this sucks and I hate it. She probably likes it (shudders), so I don’t want to be the spoilsport big brother.

      I agree, life is ever changing. But some days just suck. :P and maybe it’s important that they do.

      Days don’t suck. You suck :P


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