Small poems or quotes that I come up with (usually in the middle of the night or just before going to sleep).

I couldn’t say
If you asked me now
If she was a flame
On a pyre
Rising up to meet the sky
Or the boughs
Of a tree
Swooping down
To hug the ground

Evening Sun and sprawling trees make me nostalgic

The night breeze is a silent courier of dew,
Taking a trickle to each and every blade.
Just enough to make it sparkle in the morn,
While the sun is peeping over the glade.

A little four-liner I wrote to wish good morning to a special someone.

For all the joys you share with friends,
There is one sad thing that life sends your way.
The awkward silence when you meet a long lost friend,
As you both struggle for things to say.

A sad realization that I am only too familiar with.

There are a billion reasons to stay forever young.
Yet, the heart yearns for the one to grow old with.

Trying to imitate the style of Ghalib with something brief, yet profound. Quite satisfied with the results :)

As life leaves you, ask of it,
‘Have I done you justice?’
Then rejoice when its says that you have
And fade into eternal bliss.

Purpose of life? Be someone who makes you happy (work in progress on that).

Treading so lightly, on tip toe.
With a murmuring thunder in tow.
In the dead of the night,
someone dances, full of mirth.
It’s the rains, I am sure,
From the smell of the Earth.

Ah rains! How can one not be inspired when it rains for the first time?

There are no clouds, the moon is nigh
The breeze slowly heaves a muffled sigh
There’s no one around, no shadow nor sound,
No laughter, no cry; a silent lullaby.

It was a lonely night.

Let the night come slowly
Lead the darkness in
Let it defile the holy
And drown them in sin
No man shall walk this earth
Unblemished and pristine
For there will be no dearth
Of malice that’s unseen

Darkness. How I love it’s sinful awesomeness.

From conversations on anything under the sun,
We’ve come to silence, and few words in between.
But I’ll take it, for when all is said and done,
Those words are all that remain, of what might have been.

People change. Sometimes too quickly. All we can do is accept it and move on.


    1. Thank you, Ankita :)


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