persons left hand with purple manicure

Return of the prodigal son.. again!

picture of dog with snout up


People sitting on a bench on the Bombay High Court premises

If everyone is accountable to the court, who is the court accountable to?

Black Panther movie characters

From the worst to the best.

Still from the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, showing Padma and Parvati Patil

It’d be great if the celebrated author tried some humble pie

Indian Rupee de-monetisation rush in Kollam, India.

When the banks get rich, who’s getting poorer?

Board that says "No Whites Allowed"

Would a society where people are free to even discriminate, be a free-er society?

To whom will the sub-altern speak?

Nothing more, nothing less.

When anxiety attacks


A Hindi poem

rat looking out of hole

We’re all rats trying to fit in where we aren’t welcome.

Democratic pogroms

rehaai TV series poster

A beautiful song discovered almost completely by accident

How we are mocking oppressed people and expecting to get away with it

wuthering heights

A story of incredibly passionate love and vengeance.

wasp factory cover

A thoroughly enjoyable disturbing novel!

The-Picture-Of-Dorian-Gray Cover

Hauntingly beautiful!

yoga sutras cover

Inside the mind of a dull guy.


A refreshing take on a done-to-death subject.

freakonomics cover

Insightful, but that’s it.

india after gandhi cover

A mammoth account of India’s story over the last 50 years!

Industrial Society and Its Future

NOT an anarchist’s handbook nor a madman’s rant.

Drama and lessons from the school of life.

Tank Girl Cover

The anarchist’s wet dream

little prince cover

A pleasant surprise!

nine princes in amber cover

Swashbuckling Fantasy!


The Stranger Book Cover

Non-chalantly haunting

Oranges for christmas cover

A young adult novel that everyone can read

bombay stories cover

The Bombay in Mumbai

museum of innocence cover

More like museum of obsession and drudgery

argumentative indian cover

The wise old economist speaks.

alex's adventures cover

A fabulous chronicle of the most esoteric subject in existence.

Habu ki aag cover

Enchanting stories from another world.

Sense of an ending cover and note


The importance of being earnest cover

A trivial comedy for serious people

Beyond the last blue mountain cover

The story of Jeh

Of people who created wealth for a nation

a thousand splendid suns cover

The story of Afghanistan

Sappy pulp fiction.

Cover of A Woman of No Importance

Delightfully poignant.

Outliers cover

Trying hard to sensationalize common sense.

How not to play the game

The Accidental Prime Minister Book Cover

Manmohan Singh: The man who rode the tiger

Yeah I know. I’m pathetic.

Fowlers End Cover

A post industrial revolution British novel that is disgustingly entertaining.

3 monkeys

Let’s talk about stuff we ain’t supposed to talk about.

Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy Cover

Resistance is futile!

Speak out image

Is it right to use one’s reach to share one’s opinion?