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india after gandhi cover

India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha: A review

A mammoth account of India’s story over the last 50 years!

argumentative indian cover

The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen: A review

The wise old economist speaks.

alex's adventures cover

Alex’s Adventures in Numberland by Alex Bellos: A review

A fabulous chronicle of the most esoteric subject in existence.

Beyond the last blue mountain cover

Beyond the last blue mountain by R.M. Lala: A review

The story of Jeh

The Creation of Wealth by R.M. Lala: A review

Of people who created wealth for a nation

Outliers cover

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell: A review

Trying hard to sensationalize common sense.

The Accidental Prime Minister Book Cover

The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjaya Baru: A review

Manmohan Singh: The man who rode the tiger

Stephen Hawking in Zero Gravity

A brief history of Time by Stephen Hawking: A review

Science for dummies.