Movie Reviews

On this page you will find reviews of movies that I have seen. They aren’t in any particular order, I’ve just put them in the order that I have reviewed them. The movies could be in any language.

The rating will be on a scale of 1 to 10 and the reviews will tend to be short and crisp without a summary. In essence, it will be just a small opinion piece. The title of the movie will link to the IMDb page for that movie. You can find me on IMDb as aamilsyed.

Ikiru (rating – 10/10)

Poster of the movie 'Ikiru' by Akira Kurosawa

Poster of the movie ‘Ikiru’ by Akira Kurosawa

There’s little that I need to say about Akira Kurosawa, one of the greatest film-makers to have walked the earth. This is perhaps his simplest and most stirring movie. A simple setting, a very straightforward story line and very real characters. There was nothing extraordinary about this movie, except the journey that it will take you on.

For a little over two hours, you become a bureaucrat in the pre-reformation Japanese society. You start off as a corrupt officer of the government and you then go on to experience apathy, sorrow, grief, revival, struggle, disappointment and then finally inner peace.

The movie is not just about Japanese society. It is not a commentary on the state of affairs at that time. It is a brilliant take on the human condition itself. A telling tale of transformation, by whatever means, of a human being into a humane being. Yet, it is bitter-sweet in the sense that even such a metamorphosis doesn’t really change things too much. People see the man and his transformation, they hear his story. Some of them even weep for him and grieve, but in the end, they all move on. C’est la vie!

A must watch for all movie aficionados and a movie worthy of being cherished. A classic and a masterful work of art. I assure you that when Watanabe sits on the swing and sings his final song, you will feel that lump in your throat.

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