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The farmer who had enough

Begone, ungrateful plants!


What frenzy is this?

A soul stirring poem that I heard in the documentary ‘Jashne Azaadi’ by Sanjay Kak.

Here be thoughts!

Originally posted on bookhad:
We just realised we seem to know a lot of Engineers. Not a bad thing, eh? So, what do we do? We go and interview one more of them. Presenting to you Aamil Syed. Aamil Reader Bio: Aamil says that he is┬ánot a very well read person, but he really likes…

Lethal wisdom

“Life is supposed to hurt, because when the pain is gone, you’re dead; and the one person to whom your life and death was most valuable is now gone” – WantedDead, Reddit user.

Changing lives through reading

How reading changes us.

Aamil goes to Rajagiri Business Quiz

How I had a lot of fun at a Quiz that I failed to qualify.

The Bible According to Gregory: Jesus Calls the First Disciples

A really funny post on a blog I follow.