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Black Panther movie characters

Black Panther: the list

From the worst to the best.

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To speak or not to speak. That is the question.

Is it right to use one’s reach to share one’s opinion?

I'm sorry, your highness. I deserve your disdain.

Honey, I’ve changed the list

Changes in the 130 Challenge reading list.

How to get more blog followers

Originally posted on Blog Blogger Bloggest:
When I started blogging, I told all my friends about my blog and I shared my posts on Facebook. But sadly my friends had zero interest in reading my innermost thoughts, feelings and desires. Not even my mother read my blog. Reader, I wept. However, after a few posts…

Never judge a book by its cover

Originally posted on Angelina Hue:
I recently finished reading a secondhand copy of┬áTruman Capote’s In Cold Blood, a gripping re-construction of the senseless murder of the Clutter family in 1959 and an investigation into the minds of the the killers, combined with testimonies of those close to them and the deceased. I had picked up…

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The 130 Challenge!

I am going to read 130 books in 2014. So help me, Dog.

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Trying too hard

How I tried to be a smartass and ended up being a jackass.