Music and lyrics

The best songs have music that lilts like a gently undulating countryside and lyrics that pirouette with the music like the soft breeze that greets one in the hills. Of course, not everyone will agree with that description. Some might want their songs to be like a punch to the guts. Some prefer songs to be just an appetizer to the main course of art and culture that manages to ignite hungry passions.

Nevertheless, I’ve found that there’s a particular combination of music and lyrics that makes me turn around and notice a song. And of late, I’ve noticed that TV drama serials from Pakistan have managed to do that with their title tracks quite consistently!

We have a channel in India, called the Zindagi channel, that exclusive airs Pakistani TV serials. Some of these serials are pretty well made and on a budget much less than the stupid Indian family dramas. But what’s even more amazing that they have a fantastic, meaningful and extremely relevant soundtrack to go with the captivating storyline.

Here’s one that really touched my heart, it’s the title track of the TV serial ‘Rehaai‘. This song has really soulful lyrics set to a soft background score. The lyrics just melt into the background score, but they still retain their structure. It’s an absolute treat to listen to on a cool rainy day with a cup of hot tea or coffee to give you company, or even otherwise :P

You can listen to it on Dailymotion. Do let me know if the link is broken or if the video is removed, I’ll try to find another version.

I’ve got the lyrics here, they’re in Urdu. I wanted to do a rough translation but being terrible at Urdu, I basically ended up mangling the beauty of the original poetry. Please feel free to suggest a translation, though, I’m sure someone else can do a good job of it.

Happy listening/reading!

rehaai TV series poster

Rehaai, aired on Hum TV in Pakistan and is being aired on Zindagi channel in India

Artist: Tahira Syed & Roshaneh Zafar
Song: Mil Gayi Dukh Se Rehaai Dekho
Lyrics: Naseer Turabi
Music: Waqar

Mil gayi dukh se rehaai, dekho.
Dil ne kya raah dikhaai, dekho.
Har taraf shor bohat hai, barpa
Kaun sunta hai duhaai, dekho.
Kya kada waqt pada hai, aisa
Kis kadar chup hai khudaai dekho
Silsila chal nahin sakta, aagay
Shart hai wada wafaai, dekho.
Thakk gayi umr bhi chalte chalte,
Shaam kis mōd pe aayi, dekho.
Khoon-e-dil ho gaya kyon kar, shaamil?
Gaur se dast-e-hinaai, dekho
Koi qurbat sahi apni lekin
Baat thehri hai parai dekho
Apne ahwaal mein tanha rehna
Kaam aati hai judaai, dekho.

Raaste band nahi hote hain
Dūr tak apni rasaai, dekho.


  1. Amrita Mehta · · Reply

    Beautiful poetry


  2. lovely song and poetry … voices catches your heart. need more of this … like this …


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