Tank Girl by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin: A review

Forty-third book reviewed as part of the 130 Challenge.

How would you like a ball busting, head chopping, tank driving bitchy diva who has serious fun while doing it all? Bring it on, I hear you say? Well, that and a lot, lot more than that is what Tank girl is all about.

Tank Girl Cover

Isn’t that the most awesome comic book cover or what?!

Tank Girl is an outlaw living in the Australian Outback who hangs out with her boyfriend, a mutant Kangaroo; her best friend, a junkie Aborigine; a stuffed toy Koala bear who hasn’t come to terms with his sexual orientation and a horny squeaky toy rat. And if you’re not convinced that Tank girl (with her friends, Jet Girl and Sub Girl) is a resounding anti-establishment slap on the face of all civilization, then you deserve to be strapped between two nuclear warheads and violently murdered! (just kidding)

The comic creators have stopped at nothing to create a bald anti-heroine who oozes sexual confidence, who thinks nothing of rules of engagement and whose idea of fun is to wreak havoc on everything around. With her Tank.

She crushes, stomps and blasts her way to arrive in style and she has a permanent look of ‘fuck you all, I don’t give a shit!’ on her face. The comic is overflowing with far too many pop culture references, fantastically amazing artwork, superb attention to detail and meta-humor. I just LOVED the feel that I got while reading it; it was like getting a dose of adrenaline and endorphin, packed in little pills of viagra! (sorry, couldn’t think of a better way to describe it)

This is the closest I’ve come to falling in love with a comic book character, but I’m sure that she wouldn’t care a bit for that, so I’ve decided to worship her instead. There’s insanity, there’s humor, there’s violence and then, there’s Tank Girl! All hail Tank Girl!

Don’t think too much, just go and read this comic! You MUST! Meanwhile, here are some sequences from the comic for those who can’t wait.

P.S. This is also my 100th post on this blog! SO AWESOME!

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