Once, in a fit of inspiration after reading Khaled Hosseini’s ‘Kite Runner’, I had written a poem called A thousand times over and while the sentiment conveyed through the poem was true at that time, now when I think about it, I wonder if I can do anything even once again, let alone a thousand times!

I don’t find myself inclined to read a book that I’ve already read, once again. While friends tell me how they love a show and watch reruns of it every time it airs, I just can’t understand how they can do it. I can never bring myself to watch something that I’ve already seen.

There was a time when I used to watch some really brainless movies over and over again. But now that I have realized the value of time, I’ve forgotten the art of wasting it without any guilt. In fact, the guilt is so overpowering that it stops me even before I do something, even before it comes into existence!

The only thing that I make an exception for, is music. I can listen to the same song over and over and over again (sorry, just wanted to put added emphasis to show how many times I do it). Somehow I can justify that, as it brings me joy every time I hear it. I feel that is because music automatically creates memories in your mind. And when you listen to music, you’re actually trying to relive that memory or trigger the emotion associated with it (joyous or otherwise).

"As you grow older, you realize how recklessly you've been squandering the most precious of commodities - time." - @sriramnrn on twitter

“As you grow older, you realize how recklessly you’ve been squandering the most precious of commodities – time.” – @sriramnrn on twitter

It must take time for such an association to happen with movies, shows and books. Or maybe, you need to have the right combination of company and atmosphere to etch that moment in your mind. It could also be that, chased by the unrelenting onslaught of time, I’ve become too absorbed in this feverish struggle to make the most of it. So I’m trying to make as many memories as I can, without trying to relive them. As time passes, out of the ones that I have made, those that are most dear to me will stand out (for whatever reason) and hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy an encore.

P.S. A show that I wouldn’t mind watching again, is House M.D.; a fantastic show that everyone should watch.


  1. Interesting. I can see your point, but I often re-read my favourite books because I enjoy the prose so much (it doesn’t matter to me that I already know the story.) I think with music it’s essential to listen repeatedly because otherwise it tends to wash over you. You have to become familiar with music in order to enjoy it because much of the pleasure comes from the anticipation of what’s coming in the next few bars and then the satisfaction of hearing it.


    1. Yes! It’s all about the anticipation in the song for that part you appreciate. I think I don’t get that from books because they’re usually so long that I only remember a faint outline of the story.


  2. I can’t re-read books. But I have watched re-runs of TV programs, and of course I listen to the same songs over and over again.

    I think, for me, books are too much time-investment. Movies, shows, and songs get over faster. Instant gratification. It is not the same with books. I definitely do not have the reading speed that you possess. Plus my reading list is longer than my must-watch, must-listen lists. So I cannot allow myself to re-read a book, even though I realize that my interpretation of the books that I’ve read would be different if I read it now.

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  3. I like to watch really good movies again after a few years. If my memory was better, that probably wouldn’t work.


    1. My memory is otherwise quite bad (numbers, dates etc). But when it comes to plots.. well nothing can get them outta my head!


  4. I have nothing to say. I’ve read books 1-7 of Harry Potter over 20 times. I stopped counting after 22. I’ve watched Hum Aapke Hain Kaun every other weekend on Zee Cinema from start to end for the past 4-5 years. I’ve heard Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I have a dream” enough times to know when the audience members shouts out phrases. And I have gone to places in Mumbai every month, religiously, to see nothing new but the same old stuff! :)

    I totally do not understand this! :P


    1. I totally do not understand this!

      You bet :P

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  5. I seldom watch a movie again nor re-read a book. Partly because I know the storyline but mostly because there are so many other books that are calling for my time. Every now and then, I would watch a movie again and it’s great to see it with different eyes / mindset after several years have passed since the last viewing. P.S. I could stand to eat chocolate and granola over and over again (not non-stop of course!) ;)


    1. because there are so many other books that are calling for my time.


      And I never say no to good food and chocolate :)


  6. I agree. I used to re-read my favourite novels. But I can’t seem to do that any more. Every time I pick up an old book to re-read, I feel like the other books standing on my bookshelf glare at me for wasting time and guilt-trip me into picking one of them. Sigh!


    1. Exactly! That’s why I don’t do it too.


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