Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach: A review

Seventh book reviewed as part of the 130 Challenge.

This book made me into a true human being. It has taught me the secrets of the spiritual masters and filled into my puny mind, the grand and cumulative wisdom of those great souls. It has enriched my being with the very essence of the universe and brought me one step closer to salvation.

I don’t have words to describe the kind of spiritual and mystical journey¬†that this book took me on. It gave me wings to soar the skies of ambition and a soul filled with the drive to beat them, relentless and untiring. Like a seagull, I have now taken to the moist air of the sea of discovery and the harsh wind of truth. They guide me now.. to infinity and beyond.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Cover

I would say – ‘Don’t look inside’

Just kidding. This book is a bunch of metaphorical drivel that has somehow managed to transcend the boundaries of self-help/motivational books and finds itself in the august company of novels. It scarcely deserves the honor of being here and had it not been for its small size, I wouldn’t even have bothered to finish it.

The book, through the metaphor of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a seagull (surprise!), tries to tell us to follow our dreams. Well, that sounds rather interesting! Surely it must have something new to offer? I’m afraid not. It just churns out the pseudo-intellectual psycho-babble that actually tells you nothing. Don’t believe me? Check out the excerpts.

The book certainly delivers if you’re looking for sappy motivation. But fails to make an impression, while trying hard to sound sagacious. I wouldn’t recommend it to you, unless you’re a fan of books by Deepak Chopra or Robin Sharma or both.

Rating – 4/10 (Just because it was short and got over before I lost my temper)

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