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My book club ‘Bookhad’ had interviewed me as a build up to the new year. Do read and let me know what you think. The questions were quite good and I enjoyed answering them.


We just realised we seem to know a lot of Engineers. Not a bad thing, eh? So, what do we do? We go and interview one more of them. Presenting to you Aamil Syed.

Reader Bio: Aamil says that he is not a very well read person, but he really likes to read. Aamil says, “Most of the good books that I’ve read, I have because of Bookhad.” (Yes, he said that, and we didn’t even have to pay him to do so. Teehee.) Aamil writes poems which tend to be mushy and totally not what he intends them to be. He loves talking to people but confesses on having a serious problem speaking about himself; those ‘about me’ boxes on websites are his bane. 

Aamil, suppose, you’ve been given the power to convert a non-reader into a passionate reader. What would be the first book you suggest that he/she start…

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