Grand ambitions

Set the bar too high and you’ll break your neck just trying to look at it.

Visions and plans I have aplenty
With resolute steps, I go.
I wish to tread where no man has gone,
I wish to be the first to know.

So much I yearn for greater meaning
For purpose higher, I scrounge afar
Yet, restlessly I writhe in the sand
Like the strings of a plucked guitar

I am harangued by time
Every moment, I hear it mock
As I see the hands move slowly
I feel strangled by the clock

I am a monster, possessed.
The monster, its head does rear
Every time the monstrosity inside me
Becomes too much to bear.

Perhaps, grand ambitions must die
So that I may live in peace
Surely, there’s no shame in setting the bar lower
So that you may clear it with ease.

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