A girl I know

Smart and sweet most girls are
But this one’s also dorky and lame.
‘Laying low’ she says, is her thing
And playing observer is her game.

Yet she talks with honest abandon
Once you get her started.
Her views are sharp, sometimes poignant
Definitely not for the faint hearted!

She sometimes wallows in misery
Over a pointless existence.
And deeply despises the drudgery
Of day-to-day subsistence.

Haphazard, distracted and confused sometimes
She struggles very hard to keep
Her focus, on things important
While battling procrastination and sleep.

She’s wonderful in her own way, I guess.
Maybe there’s method in this madness.
‘Is she too wise or too crazy?’ on this I often dwell
Only time will tell. Ah yes, only time will tell.


  1. Nice post! ;-)


    1. Thank you :)

      Why aren’t you on wordpress?


  2. I think I know this girl o_0


    1. Ssshh! :P


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