Aamil goes to Rajagiri Business Quiz

Govind and I attended the Rajagiri National Business Quiz 2013. While we debated about it initially, almost deciding not to go, we finally did go and did not regret even one moment of it.

The quiz started a bit off schedule, the offline prelims were supposed to start at 11am but started at around 12.30pm, after the inugural address and all that. The quiz was conducted by QuizWorks and quiz master Rohit Nair (quite a nice chap) was accompanied by his colleague Atul. It was Atul who conducted the prelims. There were 25 questions and they were quite good. Well balanced with difficult questions and easier ones too. I have all the questions, but I won’t share them in public as that is not fair to Rohit and co. who worked so hard on it. I am willing to discuss them in private though ;)

Govind and me at Rajagiri Business Quiz Prelims

That’s Govind and me having a go at the prelims questions.

Following the prelims was lunch. A sumptuous buffet lunch complete with starters and ice cream and pudding for dessert! I had a lot of the tasty fried fish and chicken curry. Really good arrangement by the Rajagiri students and staff.

We were back for the first semi final after the lunch at around 2pm. The semi final was keenly contested. The team from Christ University, Bangalore was far ahead of the competition, but there was a tough fight for the 2nd place between 3 teams. Eventually, the team from SIMC Pune managed to secure a seat in the finals. The questions of the Student semi final were very interesting and fairly easy.

After the student semis, there was a tea break and we were back for the Corporate Semi-finals. This was totally dominated by the team from Oracle. They were so far ahead that they decided to stay out of the final round (buzzer round) in the semis, so that other teams got a chance to answer! To be fair though, the standard clockwise-anticlockwise format of the quiz gave them a big advantage. I would have preferred to have the infinite bounce format. Nevertheless, they won the semis by a very comfortable margin and the second place went to the team from TCS (not us, haha!). During this round, a very pleasant thing happened. I won two audience prizes! One was a book and another was a CCD Cafe Moments card with Rs 420 (well played, Rajagirians) in it that I can use anywhere. Talk about luck! Even Govind got a prize (the same book).

The prizes

Lest someone say ‘Pics or it didn’t happen’. The book and the card that I won :)

Then we had the high tea (that’s what the Rajagirians called it). There was no tea but there were really good snacks and cake with some orange juice (or was it sweet lime?). Govind left after the high tea (I have an uncontrollable urge to snigger every time I think say that) and I went to watch the finals. This is when I met a veteran quizzer whose name I forget. He told me about the infinite bounce format (that I immediately used in my blog to show off, hah!) and told me about many quiz associations in and around Kerala.

Back to the finals, well what can I say. It was so damn good that I was compelled to give a standing ovation at the end. A very good match between the TCS team and the team from Oracle. The student teams tried hard, but these people were professionals (intended pun)! There was no stopping them. Team TCS initially took a big lead and held on with defiance till the last round. Oracle also did not give up and kept fighting. This team was so good that thrice they answered a question by just hearing one word. Just one word from the quiz master and zap! The question was answered. A one word glory. They did this three times. Pure awesomeness!

Then finally, team TCS fumbled on a question, giving Oracle a chance to wrest the crown (Oracle has finished 2nd last time and another team from TCS had won) for themselves. The last question of the quiz was to be a tie breaker (full on nail biting, I tell you) and everyone was on the edge of their seats.

The quiz master started the question. He just said one word and probably trying too hard for the one word glory effect, team TCS jumped the buzzer (last round was a buzzer round). They tried to get the answer but it was wrong and we had the worst anti-climax ever! Well, the ending could have been better, but the victory was a well deserved one and the quiz was really good.

I did not stay for the prize distribution but I hear it was pretty good too. You can check out pictures at their Facebook page.

That’s all folks!


  1. Hi Aamil..this is saurabh from manipal group. Can you share the questions with me. We discussed on the event day. My mail id is : kmrsaurabh.verma@gmail.com


    1. Hi Saurabh! Sure. I haven’t typed them yet. Will take some time.


    2. Hey Saurabh, sorry to say that I won’t be posting the questions. I spoke to a veteran quizzer from Kerala and he convinced me that to share these questions without permission from Rohit Nair and Co. would be unfair to them. Why don’t you drop him (Rohit) an email for the questions?


  2. Kewl.So good of you.Thanks in advance. Look forward to meeting you again in another quizzing event.


  3. Hey Aamil, I couldn’t make it this year! I have been to their last 2 editions! Would really appreciate if you could share those questions. Looking forward to the same. Nice report by the way. Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Vinu, I spoke to a veteran quizzer from Kerala and he convinced me that to share these questions without permission from Rohit Nair and Co. would be unfair to them. Why don’t you drop him an email for the questions?


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