The men among men

I hope to drink one day
With men who speak the truth
Whose face is not veiled in any way
Who are immune to their to their hatred and rebukes

We were spineless creatures then. So we are, even now
For is it not of the spineless to shrink..
Into shadows, when opposed? Sweat trickling down their brow
Then, to say not, what they think?

But there are men among men, on the other hand..
Striking valiantly at the heart of deceit
And when, for the just cause, they take a stand..
“The men are here!”, say their foes, and beat a hasty retreat

Their eyes are proud and seeing
Their actions, kind and just
Their language has truth and meaning
They are the ones who we ought to trust

These are not lofty words! They do exist, such men..
And they are gathering as we speak..
Enemies of truth and reason, beware then
A world devoid of your treachery is what they seek.

With Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and James Randi in mind.

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