Those cheeky raindrops

Edit: I know this is a very cheesy poem and I wonder how I could have written something like this. But I did write this and the shayari following it. Yep.


Raindrops dot the sky..
My heart heaves a misty sigh
What I look for is out of sight
All that I can do is watch the raindrops’ flight

How cheeky this raindrop is
It soars out of the blue and kisses my sweetheart
But all I can do is..
Watch nature’s work of art.

The seven colours of the rainbow call out to me
Why I don’t recognize them today.. they query
But colours are things that I see..
When with a silent smile creeping over her face;
She makes them merry.

How lucky the skies are, they always get to see.
The things that my eyes cry to see.
But all I can do is.
Wipe those tears and pray
That she come back to me..

Shayar ka Andaaz

Muskurana bhool gaye hum jab aapki hansi nahi dekhi
Ab to bolne se honth bhi katrate hain
Kyon ab akele rehte hain aapke bina
Kya yehi hota hai jab dil se dil mil jaate hain


  1. Ahem. Ahem.

    I like the line “Pray.. that she come back to me.”


    1. Of course you do.


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