The paradox called life

Rocking the cradle to and fro
He wipes the trickling off his brow
His shrunken skin glistens, moist
He picks him up and to the sky he hoists
The chuckling laughter of that infant in arms
Fills old Han’s empty heart with mirth, and charms
His drowsy soul with enchanting delight
But only Han himself knows the gravity of his plight
No joy can cure his heartache so grim
Every ray of happiness seems so obscured, so dim
For today he has reached the threshold of end
A mysterious beginning, his mind cannot comprehend
Everywhere there is change, everything is so new
Yet to savour these changes , days seem so very few
He raced back the path of life that he took
He cherished memories, but, one thought came and with grief he shook
As he looked at the new born life in his arms,
He knew now he just had to wait
He now had just one thing to do, Just witness the paradox of fate
And as he left the baby in its cradle, a smile he tried to brave..
For soon..He too shall be in his cradle…
And that cradle shall be his grave…

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