The Never Ending Conflict

The Sun is moving towards his throne
Far away in the eastern sky He says to the moon..
“All night you have shone…Now its time to say good bye.”
And with that the sun brightens the earth..
And chases darkness away,
Now the earth with glee and mirth..
Cheers the arrival of day
The birds sing and praise the sun
For the strength that he brings”
The Sun is mightier than any mortal”,they say
“He can dust a thousand kings!”
Flattered by these words,the sun,
Beams with over-flowing pride,
He promises, he shall rid them of darkness for ever,
He shall leave it no place to hide…
With that he begins his conquest great..
And goes where darkness may lurk..
He has only one goal and that is to eliminate,
All Sadness,gloom and murk…
But, now the world devoid of all shade..
Gets hotter and unpleasant,needless to say
It could have been a cool and lovely glade
Had the sun’s ambition not come in the way
Although the sun is victorious..
And darkness is nowhere to be found..
No prey nor predator walks the earth
There is silence all around
At last..the sun aware of his folly
Lessens his glorious light
And creatures of the earth console the sun
On witnessing his sorrow and plight
But seeing opportunity darkness returns
To avenge its shameful loss
It comes unnoticed out of nowhere
But causes total chaos
It strikes the sun with its purple blade
And stains the sky red
But the mighty King of planets..
Somehow manages to save his head
“I now retreat” He says
“But, I shall be back, tomorrow again.
And this time my efforts I promise
Shall not go in vain.”
To this darkness replied..”
I shall noble foe..
Tomorrow you may be more powerful..
But I shall have more tricks to show..”

And thus goes on the duel
Between darkness and the mighty sun
The sun does his job of chasing darkness away..
But it returns as soon as the job is done..

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