Look ma! Here I am again
Drown me in your embrace and rid me of all the pain
How long will you keep me from the warmth of your chest?
Its only in your arms where I want to rest
Nay! Don’t hide it! Let me feel her silvery hair
How I like to see them glisten as they flutter without a care
Please Ma, grab me by my hand like in the good old days.
Twist my ears and make me swear that I will mend my ways
Teach me to walk again Ma, hold my fingers in your palm.
Make me bow before the Lord, sing to me the morning psalm
Speak Ma! For I cannot, and tell them that your silence bespeaketh your ire.
Stop cruel people! Please don’t feed her to the fire!
Oh God! So many angels you have up there. Please give mine back to me.
Oh Death! Be kind today and my Ma go free.
For though I am old and she is too, I still am her little child
Let me breathe my last in her lap, as she strokes my hair
For there, every pain becomes mild.

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