I am

I am the gust of wind
I am the turbulence of the sea
I am the vision of the mind
My word is final decree

I am the pain in life
I am reality
I am the ray of hope
I am imaginary

I am the shadow in darkness
I am the eyes that see
I am the courage that conquers
I am the feet that flee

I run amok in silence
I bloom eternally
I am the macabre fear
I am the life within me

I am the starry night
I am the scarlet tree
I am the kiss of the butterfly
I am the sting of the bee

I am loss, I am failure, I am the end
I am that which will never be
I am victory, I am success, I am the beginning
I am possibility

I am the fabric that makes you
I am the colour in thee
I am your strength and weakness
I am murky sadness and the effervescent glee

I am God
I am with you for eternity
I am you, you are me
I am your imagination set free


  1. Nice poem. Loved the last line, which pretty much sums it all up neatly! :)


    1. Written when I was still a theist :P

      It went against my beliefs at that time, but I wrote it anyway.


  2. I love how every line by itself is true. And every stanza, even though seemingly contradictory, still remains true.

    I love it. Plus, man.. you can rhyme.


    1. So it begins..


    2. Thank you. I do consider this one of my finer poems :)


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