And It Rained

As I see the dark clouds lining
I make a wish and pray
That it wouldn’t rain and spoil the sunshine streaking
Through the clouds today
And like the thousand others I make, I knew
This wish wouldn’t come true
But its just the wishing, praying and hoping
That a helpless me could do
So I just kept staring bravely
Out into the blue
Thinking why the storm has to always come
Without a single clue
But storms do come
Just like rainy days in life
So I fill my heart with the cheer of raindrops
In my days of strife
And then I build some paper boats
To sail through the floods that come
But I never venture out in the cold
For my fingers go numb
So I drop my boats out the window
And set them on their way
I know that the cruel torrent won’t ever,
Let them go astray
I watch as my boats twist and turn
Trying not to come undone
But slowly, all of them perish, like my dreams
Sinking one by one
I know I can’t take it anymore
I really want to break free…
But the shackles of my tamed existence
Keep tugging at me
As it rains outside, my heart spills a tear
But I quietly wipe my eye
My eyes are sore, so just for once today,
I will let the heavens cry

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